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Jan 012016

It’s such a cliché to start a blog on January 1st with resolutions. Yeah, should probably resolve to use fewer clichés in my writing. I’ll get to that later. For now, I’m just happy to be back, after more than a year of no blogging. I could give you all manner of excuses about why I let the blog go, but the truth is a few bumps in my life and the habit died. I kept meaning to get back to it (insert cliché about good intentions and Hell). Ultimately it came down to “It was too much like work and I didn’t have the time.”

Jul 162013

Irma Patterson

Born: August 21, 1918

Died: July 10, 2013



My Grandmother died according to her wishes: At home, peacefully in her sleep with her own teeth and her own hair. I don’t know why those last two were so important to her, but I’m happy to know that she got what she wished. She will be missed. Below is the Eulogy that I presented at her memorial.


Mar 202013

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

An old truism that is mostly true. Swords are intimidating. They show their power openly. Everyone knows that a sword can kill and it looks like it. The sharp edges draw your attention to that deadly power almost immediately. But the truth is that a sword is an inanimate object. It must have the will of a person behind it. The ability of the sword to kill is dependent on that the person holding it. Words on the other hand hide their power. They are soft and hard to grasp. No one thinks of words as deadly weapons, and many will laugh when I tell you that they are more deadly than any sword. But the truth is that words are behind almost every murder or suicide. Worse than that, words can do their damage without the speaker having any intent to hurt. A careless “there’s no one here” can be more painful than a literal dagger in the back. Words can drive people to hate each other, or worse ignore each other.

Nov 212012

It’s that time of year again when it is on everyone’s mind. Every time we turn on the TV or walk into the grocery store. Even just driving down the road, there are reminders everywhere. Christmas is just around the corner and the high shopping season is upon us.

What ever happened to Thanksgiving?

Nov 132012

Crystal – you have been contacted and replied (wow that was fast) your BN gift card is on it’s way.

Thank you to all the who commented (and those of you who read and didn’t comment).  I’m happy to see that I made many of you laugh.  I’m also happy to see how many of you are returners from the last Blog Hop.

Over all prize winners are:

Nov 052012

Tomorrow is Election day in America. This year, in addition to the presidential race, there are a number of contentious issues on the ballots in almost every district across the nation.

I’m not going to tell you my opinions here – I’ll save that for another time and place and only if you ask. What I am going to tell you is: GO VOTE.

Nov 012012

Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo  – a wild madcap adventure in social writing. Authors and writers all over the world take the month of November – all 30 days of it – and write a novel. Well… a rough draft of a novel. Let’s be clear about this – no one gets a finished draft in November. This is a time to let your imagination run wild and just write. Let the characters get themselves into trouble and if you need a little help ask the person at the next table what to do. Take on challenges, add strange things and see what happens. Remember, not everything will work, but that’s what editing is for. If you end up the month and the story is too broken to fix, chalk it up to a learning experience and get on with the next project.

Aug 062012

On this date, some number of years ago, I came into this world kicking and screaming. I don’t remember it myself, but I am told by credible sources that I was about as noisy as a normal baby.

Since then, I have been exploring this great world of ours and dreaming of others. My mother is an avid reader – a trait I have stolen whole sale from her. I however was not content to just sit back and let others do all the work. My first foray into fiction writing came in second grade and the weekly journal assignment. No one told me I couldn’t make up the things I wrote in there – well not until I landed in the school councilor’s office. Fortunately it didn’t take much to convince her that I was just an imaginative child.

Jul 022012

Life is a balancing act. We all know that. You have to spend so much time making money, so much time sleeping, so much time relaxing, so much time building relationships which leaves only so much time for writing. Most of us – writers – like to keep busy. Some are much better at keeping busy with writing projects than I am.