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Nov 072012

So here we are, almost a week into NaNoWriMo and I’ve had some developments with my characters.

For those who didn’t read my previous posts about my outlining process, let me just say it is VERY loose – I have a beginning, a goal and some characters. I drop them into my document, shake them up and see what happens. Well here is what I have so far:

Kayla – started life on a world called Kralt. A lovely copper based world with three sentient species. She was born to the Tachani, humanoid tech users; raised by Felani, feline tribal magic users; and tutored by Kryna, small humanoid tribal magic users. In the beginning of the book she was on walkabout among the Tachani, trying to find a mate to bring home to her family, and the boy she liked said yes, but before they could even start making arrangements she was pulled via “Hero Call” to Greylein (which is a country on an as yet un-named world). Needless to say she was pissed. With no access to the local language she had no idea what the six men standing over her wanted, and was too upset to care. She walked all over them and out the door only to discover that she had no idea how to get home.

Lord Corawin Tromadin – A member of the royal council and Lord of Tromadin county. He doesn’t like the direction politics is taking and has decided that a hero should be called who is capable of infiltrating the royal family and “deposing” them. Which would set of a succession battle he feels confident he could win. He forgot to add willing to the formula for the Hero Call or anything to ensure that the Hero would be able to understand him. Consequently Kayla walked all over him and his men and out the door. He is currently trying to track her down and recapture her before anyone associates the Green Demon with him – which would be politically deadly (and possibly grounds for execution).

Allay – Born mute to a prostitute mother in Greylein city, she is currently living with a pair of women who run an inn in the city. Allay is only twelve, but because of her Telepathy, she has a much deeper understanding of the world than most children her age. While out with her friend, Sharl the Griffin, she meets Kayla. She sees Kayla, and Kayla’s ability to hear her thoughts, as her route to a normal life. Allay tells Kayla about the oldest dragon who might be able to help get Kayla home.

The dragon tells Kayla that she has to discover why she was brought here before she can find her way home – that means now Kayla is hunting Lord Tromadin even as he is hunting her. I see some conflict in the near future.

I’m having fun. How is your story coming?

  2 Responses to “Character Update”

  1. That sounds really interesting, I can’t wait to read it!

    My novel is coming along, I’m behind on the word count but I’m much farther ahead then I have been in previous years!

    • I’m going to be interested in reading it too – oh wait I have to write it first. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

      Good luck on your novel. Congratulations on your word count. Keep it up.

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