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Oct 052012

It’s October already. For those of you aware of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) [nanowrimo.org], you know that means that it’s time to start getting ready for November. Some of the truly insane have been getting excited since August, but most of us (I’m not sure that I really can include myself, but who’s going to know?) wait until October to start getting excited.

Aug 262012

From a short story soon to be seeking a published home:

The sight of her and the new tray of cookies caught their attention. They stopped trying to break through the windows to turn their yellow eyes on her. They almost had a light of their own glowing out from under those dirty eyelids. She could see the menace and confusion in them as she walked toward them with the tray full of magic. Their hunger flowed off them like fog over a bog. Never before had their dinner come to them.

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Aug 152012

Edit: v To revise or correct, as a manuscript

Dreadit: v To actively avoid editing a particular manuscript (I’ve been Dreaditing “Cookies For All Occasions” for the past week).


My dear friend Devin Harnois , coined this term to describe the process of getting ready to edit something. It’s that time when you know you have to get down to the business of editing something so that it is ready to face the world, but you just don’t want to spoil the perfection you imagine that it is by actually looking at it.

Aug 122012

From “Cookies For All Occasions,”  a short story:


 When she was tall enough to reach the top shelf of the cupboard without climbing on the counter, Gran taught her the real secret to baking.

“Think of the things that make you feel the way you want people to feel.”

Simple enough. The hard part was keeping those feelings alive while worrying about the right balance of flour and egg. Kim practiced as often as she could afford the ingredients. Her friends at school complained that she was trying to make them fat with all the cookies she brought to share, but they never turned them down.