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Jul 012013

This year planting came late. Spring came late, very late. I’m not so sure we even got a spring, we just held on to winter until school let out then it was summer. Consequently I was a little worried that the corn wouldn’t make it to “knee high by the 4th of July”


It did. Actually it’s the 1st of July and it’s already Knee High. I’m not really sure where that saying came from, but it is a good indicator of a good harvest for corn. Not to mention it’s just fun to say.

Jun 252012

We have raspberry bushes in our back yard. I discovered them last year when I was out trying to tame the lawn. I came late to the party and the birds and other critters had left only a handful of berries. So I ate them, right then and there.


This year I’ve been a lot better about tending to the yard, the garden and the berry bushes. I was surprised to see how many blossoms there were on the bushes this year. I mean I expected there to be some more than last year – the nature of growth and all that – but not the sheer overwhelming number of them. I anticipated their ripening for weeks.

Jun 152012

This summer, I have decided to make a go of being a professional writer and urban farmer. Normally I would work summer school and pretend that I would use my extra free time to do more writing, but it never seemed to work out like that. For one thing, summer school means getting up early and heading off to work, just like the regular school year. No time for gardening in the cool morning air that way. Returning home at noon doesn’t help – it’s hot then. Besides the kids have to get in a full day’s worth of behaviors in just half a day, so I’d get home feeling like I’d worked a full day already so doing any kind of yard work in the heat of the afternoon wasn’t all that appealing. Writing didn’t happen all that much in those days either. I had to recover from working you see. Then I had to get the yard and housework done – which meant more procrastinating. Before I knew it, it was dark, the lawn still needed to be mowed and I hadn’t written a single word.