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Sep 262012

“I’m such a slacker… I don’t [fill in the blank] as much as [fill in the blank].”

How many of you have said this? I know that I say it all the time, usually to looks that could kill from my co-workers. You see, in their eyes I already do too much and don’t spend any where near enough time just relaxing. By that same measure I don’t do any where near as much writing as some of my writing buddies – interestingly enough, the writers who write more than I do are the ones who have careers that I’m jealous of. So, when I do take the time to relax, I feel like I’m slacking. And those writers that I look up to, insist that they are such slackers because they aren’t living up to the standards they set for themselves based on the writers they are chasing. I can’t say for certain, but I suspect it goes on up the line from there.