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Jun 142013

Part of world building is creating culture. Your people have to have a culture unique to their place in their world. Even if you are writing in modern America, it’s important to notice the influence of culture on the choices and assumptions that your characters make. However, since culture is a huge subject that spans several BA programs, I’m going to pick just one little piece to discuss today: Family.

Sep 212012

The first thing I remember learning about geology was that gravity was always in charge. This was way back in grade school and we were given the impossible task of making water run up hill in model water system. Our teacher was a great believer in hands on learning, and also, I think, had a cruel streak that enjoyed watching us get frustrated when we couldn’t complete the task assigned. In this case it took us all of about fifteen minutes before every group had given up. Then we got the lecture about how the water system worked. He pointed out that somehow the water had to get back up into the clouds so that it could fall as rain and sent us home that day with the assignment to figure out how that was possible.