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Jan 032016

Allow me to introduce you to Ashley Wilson. She is an absolutely fabulous graphic artist who came through for me in a pinch. When I needed cover art for Daughter of the Queen, she was there. Not only was she quick and professional, she understood my quirky descriptions and produced a picture I will be proud to put on my book.
I highly recommend Ashley Wilson if you are looking for cover art, or even a full cover design, for your next book.

Feb 132013

Did you ever notice how many great writers of all eras were friends with each other? It was something that I found rather hard to believe back in high school every time my teacher to assign three books by three different authors who all just happened to know each other. How was that possible?

Well it is possible and more importantly a reason that they were all so famous. You see writers are the best support for other writers. When you get in a group of like minded people you will egg each other on to greater and greater heights. You’ll push each other to fix your issues and improve you craft until you are all at the top of you game. Then you push higher. Great, so how do you find the other great writers to make your little group?

Dec 192012

Stories, I always thought, were pictures that somehow slipped past your eyes and made it into your mind unfiltered. Now I’m interpreting for reading classes in a high school (for students who for one reason or another are not fluent English readers). I hear, and interpret, the teacher telling the kids to imagine what the words are saying. “Let the words make pictures in your mind,” she tells them. How perfect is that?

Oct 152012

I want to warn you up front that this is not a post about answers. I don’t have that many. It is a post about the challenges of being an introvert in a freelancing world where you must self promote or languish in the shadows.

Oct 082012

This past weekend I went to Gaylaxicon 2012, in St. Louis Park. It’s a wonderful little convention focused on Queer issues in Sci-fi and fantasy. By little I mean that there were just over 400 registration (though not everyone showed up). In such a small group, you get incredible amounts time with the people you want to talk to.

Jul 132012

The holy grail of writing is having readers who get lost in your story. When your beta readers forget to make comments, that’s a good thing. Really it is. Most writing advice is about how to achieve that wondrous state with great words and perfect sentences. They tell you things like – don’t use cliches or adverbs, they throw your readers out of the story. Be careful about the slang you use, modern slang will throw your readers if your story isn’t set in modern times. Even names have to be right because a mismatched name will throw your readers.