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Oct 242012

I will admit that I’m new to this whole self promotion thing. I resisted writing this blog, under the mistaken impression that I would be able to get one of those sweet publishing contracts that were all the rage back in the 1950’s. Those contracts, with provision for the publisher to actually promote your work, don’t exist for anyone but the biggest names (and even those are getting harder and harder to come by – even if you get one there will be less for you in it than you might expect). When I came to the realization that all those wonderful provisions would never be mine and that the world of professional writing was trending more toward freelancing I realized that I had to get out here and promote myself.

Oct 152012

I want to warn you up front that this is not a post about answers. I don’t have that many. It is a post about the challenges of being an introvert in a freelancing world where you must self promote or languish in the shadows.